C2001 LED Ceiling Light 500

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The finely crafted yet robust metal frame of the C2001 series ensures extra durability. The pure white lampshade offers a soft and uniform light that can illuminate rooms of up to 35 m² (depending on the lamp size). The curved design makes the light look slim and elegant. The sliding lock on the ceiling mount guarantees quick and easy installation and detachment. This ceiling light series is dimmable, supports tunable white, voice and app control, and Bluetooth remote control and smart switch.
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The same light during the day and in the evening? Not with Yeelight, because that's unhealthy.

Healthy living and working thanks to adjustable lighting
The finely crafted and yet robust metal frame of the Yeelight C2001 LED ceiling light 500 ensures extra durability. The curvature on the edge makes the lamp look slim and elegant. The pure white lampshade creates a soft and even light that, with a maximum of 4000 lm, that is bright enough to illuminate every corner of a room (15–25 m²). And not only the brightness can be adjusted as required, but also the color temperature - from warm to cool white light.
The Yeelight C2001 ceiling lights thus follow the HCL (Human Centric Lighting) approach, according to which the lighting is matched to the lighting needs of the human biorhythm. Just a few years ago, researchers discovered nerve cells in the retina of the eye that are not responsible for seeing, but rather set the human internal clock - based on sunlight. The sunlight has a different light color at every time of the day and thus controls our biorhythm. It addresses the autonomic central nervous system, which in turn controls the hormonal glands and the metabolism. That means: a cool, bluish shade in the lighting is like morning daylight and signals to the body that it is early in the morning. If used in the late afternoon or evening, sleep disorders may accordingly occur.
Thanks to the adjustable color temperature (2700–6500 K), the Yeelight ceiling lamps of the C2001 series can imitate the color temperature curve of sunlight, giving people exactly the right light at any time of the day. During the day, these are rather cooler tones (between 4000 K and 5500 K), which promote concentration and combat tiredness, and in the evening, rather warmer tones (between 2800 K and 3500 K), which exude comfort and prepare the body for sleep.
For the night there is a special mode called “moonlight mode”. The soft, moon-like light is easy on the eyes and illuminates the room just enough that you don't have to grope in the dark.
All of these settings are available in the Yeelight app or the Xiaomi Home app. In the Xiaomi Home app, however, only via the Chinese server, not the European server. Since the Yeelight brand is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem and uses the same cloud server as Xiaomi, the devices are automatically added to both apps if the same server is used in both apps.

Experience vibrant colors and light that is easy on the eyes
Over hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, the human eye has become accustomed to the natural light of the sun. Therefore, the more an artificial light source resembles sunlight, the more pleasant it is on the eye. The color rendering index (CRI or Ra value) indicates how naturally the colors of objects are reproduced under a certain light source. Sunlight has a CRI of 100. This means that the higher the CRI value of a lamp, the more similar it is to sunlight. The C2001 ceiling lamps use high quality LEDs with a CRI of 95.
In addition, the light from the advanced LEDs has a very low proportion of blue light. Blue light with a wavelength between 420 nm and 450 nm has a strong penetration potential and can damage the cornea, the lens of the eye and even the retina. This is especially true for the sensitive eyes of children. This is why our C2001 ceiling lights not only ensure bright colors, but also healthy lighting.

Enjoy multiple control options - app, voice, light switch, remote control
You can control the light very conveniently by voice command (Google, Alexa, HomeKit, SmartThings) or via your smartphone - with the Yeelight and the Xiaomi Home app (only via the Chinese server). In addition, there are two other practical control options for visitors or when the mobile phone is not at hand: the Yeelight Bluetooth remote control and the Yeelight Bluetooth smart switch. The light switch does not have to be wired, but can be attached to the wall through the self-adhesive back. The advantage over the conventional light switch (which of course still works) is: If you operate the Bluetooth light switch, the power supply to the lamp is not interrupted and the lamps remain online in the app and connected to the voice assistant.
In the Yeelight app, you can set schedules for the lamps to switch on and off automatically. This way, you can fall asleep in the evening with the lights dimmed without them burning all night. Or you can gently wake up in the morning with the light slowly getting brighter instead of a loud ringing bell. You will also find pre-set light scenes in the app or you can save your own favorite settings in order to create the perfect atmosphere with just one click.

Smart design: assembly and cleaning become child's play
The C2001 series adopts a multi-layer design for the lamp cover to prevent dust and insects from entering. This means that the luminous surface remains shiny and clear without cleaning.
The innovative design has a slide lock on the ceiling mount, which guarantees a quick and easy assembly and disassembly. Yeelight has already used this smart design in previous versions, so that you can easily upgrade your old Yeelight ceiling lamp with a new model. Only the lamp body has to be replaced and not the holder - it takes less than 10 seconds!
As a pure lighting brand, Yeelight has explicitly specialized in the topic of smart lighting and has dealt intensively with the most modern technologies and the best light quality and implemented them. It is precisely for this reason that the globally known smart home device provider Xiaomi repeatedly uses Yeelight as a manufacturer of its own smart lighting products, such as the Xiaomi Bedside Lamp, Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp, Xiaomi Smart LED Bulb or Xiaomi Ceiling Light.

Product features:

  • Adjustable brightness
  • Adjustable color temperature (warm and cool white light)
  • Timer and personalized schedules
  • Pre-programmed and individual lighting scenes as well as two light modes (day light and night light)
  • Dust and insect proof (IP50)
Control options:
  • Conventional light switch
  • Yeelight App
  • Xiaomi Home App
  • Smart Switch (Bluetooth)
  • Remote control (Bluetooth)
  • Voice
Compatible with:
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Apple HomeKit
  • Samsung SmartThings
Package content:
  • Yeelight C2001 LED Ceiling Light 500
  • Base, 4x self-tapping screws, 4x wall anchors
  • Remote control (without battery)
  • User manual (DE/EN)
Mehr Informationen
Anwendungsbereich Wohnzimmer, Schlafzimmer, Kinderzimmer, Arbeitszimmer
Energieeffizienzklasse F
Produktfarbe Weiß
GTIN 0608887787061
Helligkeitsklasse 0,1 - 100 lm (Nachtlicht), 220–4000 lm (Hauptlicht)
Farbwiedergabeindex (CRI) ≥ 95
Farbtemperatur 2700–6500 K, einstellbar
Lichtfarbe Tunable white
Anlaufzeit (für 60% Lichtstrom) 1 s
Abmessungen 505x505x104 mm
Montageart Deckenmontage, Wandmontage
Materialzusammensetzung Ceiling bracket: SPCC | Lampshade: PMMA | Frame: Aluminium alloy
Schutzart (IP) IP50
Schutzklasse II
Gewicht (Produkt) 3000 g
Betriebsart Netzbetrieb
Spannungsbereich 220-240 V
Verbindung / Funkstandard WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2,4 GHz, Bluetooth 4.2 (BLE), Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy (BLE)
Steuerung Herkömmlicher Wandschalter, Fernbedienung, Smart switch, App, Sprache
Kompatibilität Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit
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