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Smart Lighting with Yeelight

With just one smart Yeelight lamp, you can create the right atmosphere for any occasion – whether it's working, reading, dining, watching TV or partying. How?
By adjusting the brightness, colour and colour temperature of our lamps (from cosy, warm white tones, to cooler tones that make it easier to concentrate).
What if your light switch can only switch lamps on and off? No problem.
You can adjust brightness, colour and colour temperature using the Yeelight app on your smartphone (for some products you can also use the Xiaomi app). In the app, you can also set automatic switch-on and switch-off times to be gently woken up by light in the morning or to fall asleep in the evening with the lights dimmed – but they won’t be on all night, to save energy.

You can set up your smart Yeelight lamps in three simple steps


Connect the lamp to the power and switch it on.


Download the free Yeelight app (Android, iOS) and go to "Add Product".


Select your Yeelight product and follow the instructions on the screen (your Wi-Fi connection must be on, and have good signal strength).

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